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  1. hi,
    I recently had a neighbor’s cat take out several of my breeding groups of jumbo colored types. I’d really like to get some replacements from you! Your birds are AWESOME!

    1. Thank you! We would love you help you replace your covey! Quail are such great little birds that once you have them, its very hard to go back to NOT having them!

  2. Hey there, I purchased a dozen Coturnix a month or so ago and it turned out that they were all males. I kept one but he’s been solo for a few weeks – do you guys ever sell adult hens in small numbers? I’d love to give him a companion of one or two females. We keep ours inside as pets. Eggs would be amazing for our Tegu, but at this point not a necessity as he seems super bummed being alone so an older non laying hen would be okay too. 🙂

  3. Hello,

    I have a pair of Coturnix quail (male/female) I thought it would be good to get some color as these 2 are white. I think I am interested in getting another female for my male. I wanted to come look at your farm. Sounds like a great place. I currently also have a button quail and a dove. I have raised dove for over 20 years and just love having pet birds. Thanks,

    1. Hello!

      We would be glad to help you find a friend for your birds,,, and we have lots of colors to choose from! You can message or call my cell to set up an appointment to come out! 937 760-7281

  4. I am looking to start a quail covey at my school in a newly forming Agriculture Club. Do you ship your breeding sets? I am in Upstate NY

    1. Sent you shipping info through Facebook! Thank you for your interest and congrats on your new ag group!

  5. Do you ship frozen birds, or is it pick up only.

    1. Hello! And thank you for contacting us! We ship frozen quail in bulk… If you let me know how many you are interested in, and your zip code I would be happy to get a quote for you! We also travel the tristate area monthly, if we could save you some shipping we would be happy to do that too!

      Thanks for your interest!
      Myshire Farm

  6. Your 5 pack of quail for 35.00. What is the breakdown of the sexes you send? I’m looking to add quail to the animals my son and I raise.

    1. Break down of sexes is One male, and four hens…That is a good ratio for fertilization with the hens getting stressed from being overbred. If you are not looking to incubate your eggs, than we can send 5 hens instead. Thank you for contacting us and please let us know what else we can do to help!

  7. Hi there! Stumbled upon your site while looking at Ebay, ironically enough lol.

    Coturnix quail are something I’ve wanted for a long time and I am seriously thinking about ordering some from you. I was originally going to buy eggs and hatch my own, but I realized I don’t need 50-100 birds at a time, so then I got to thinking about ordering a couple of your sexed quail packs, do you ship birds this time of year or would it be better to wait until closer to spring. Also do coturnix quail need heat in winter? They’d be kept in my shed with my rabbits.

    But I’m wondering how to go about it? How are they shipped? do they go to the post office or can they be sent directly to a residence through UPS? I was wondering because I don’t yet know if my local post office accepts live animals, I’d have to contact them.

    If you could, get back to me either by email or I’ve also included my facebook account.
    Thanks in advance,

    1. Hello and thank you for contacting us!

      Ill try to answer your questions 🙂 Quail do not need heat in the winter just out of the elements. So that they are not in direct snow or rain. A shed would be ideal.You will need some artificial lighting in the winter months if you want winter eggs…. We ship birds year round through the USPS and yes it is allowed… 🙂 you will have to pick up your box at your local postoffice. So we just put your phone number on top of the box… the box is a special poultry box that has a nice mat for the birds and plenty of ventilation. I ship them with cucumbers to give them some liquid and something to do on the trip. Sexed breeder groups are ideal for getting started although i will warn, these birds are awesome and quite addicting 🙂 We have completely switched out of chickens in preference to the quail. Please feel free to contact me if you have any further questions or if i missed something.


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