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Honey badger gardening gloves

So today I received a pair of Honey Badger gardening gloves. At first they looked like a costume piece for wolverine, or perhaps cat woman. I must admit, I was a bit hesitant. My sons age 6 and 7 were the first to break them out of the bag. “These are sooo cool! Are they for the sandbox?” Already their creative little brains were coming up with practical uses beyond halloween costumes. I informed them they were for gardening use–Faces looked disappointed..–“but you could help me garden…”–faces change to scared “ can wear the gloves..”–faces change to excited– So I had some new recruits. Generally speaking gardening doesn’t excite my kids. Unless its time to pick something delicious, like strawberries, they usually have to be coerced in someway. But not today. Today, I found a new secrete weapon, in a strange looking pair of gloves. Game on! They dug all kinds of holes, they dug holes when I needed hole, they dug holes when I didn’t need holes, they dug holes just to fill them back in again. MY KIDS LOVE THESE GLOVES! And I love that they are gardening with me! I’ll admit my turn with the gloves did not last long, then they were passed to another eager set of hands(I do have 5 kids after all, and moms turn always gets cut short-unless its my turn for dishes) So for me, theses gloves are a win! A little unorthodox perhaps, but for us they are just what we needed to get gardening together. There is little else that brings me as much joy as doing things together as a family. So thanks Honey Badger for bringing out the primal in my boys to work in the dirt! P.S. I did let them take the gloves out to the sandbox when we were done, and they dug more holes for over an hour!

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