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chicken oopsie

I had this grand idea of raising golden comets. They have been my favorite laying chicken. Their eggs are a beautiful dark brown and very large. They have been laying though out the winter without the aid of extra “daylight”. My kids can literally walk up to them and they just stand there, like thats part of the job description to be drug around the farm by a overly cuddly 4 year old. These birds are amazing. So obviously, everyone will want these chickens. I must raise them! Only one problem, these birds are a hybrid. A cross of two other chicken breeds and for our farm, unsustainable.Of course i realize this AFTER I have purchased ten of these birds, paid a hundred dollars and drove an hour to pick them up. Ooopsie. So, I had to come up with plan B. I decided that I wanted to keep my goldens and add another breed, that I could actually breed. I finally choose the americanas, commonly known as easter eggers. That way I can easily put the green or bluish eggs in the incubator and eat the browns. I recently purchased 6 pullets {hens in their first year) and  1  cockerel  (cock or rooster in his first year). So now I have a non hybrid breed, that sometime this summer should give me some beautifully colored eggs. I also have (hopefully) learned my lesson, to do my homework before purchasing livestock.

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